“You shall not mistreat any widow or fatherless child. If you do mistreat them, and they cry out to me, I will surely hear their cry,” – Exodus 22:22-23.

“Who devour widows’ houses and for a pretense make long prayers. They will receive the greater condemnation.”- Mark 12:40.

Encouraged by the scriptures above, we join hands once again on 11 June 2021 at Dzanani Magistrate Court @0900 as we declare “Justice for Vhakoma Vho-Lesie Netshitongwe-Mureri”, the widow of our late Spiritual Father, Archbishop Dr EMM Mureri, who consistently endures threats of eviction from the Holy Palace of the United African Apostolic Church where she stayed since 1966.

She will be defending her right to seek the protection of the justice system after several threats of eviction were directed at her.  She was granted an interim Protection Order in April 2021.

We ask a pertinent question, “Is it a sin to lose a husband that an old, diabetic lady should be persecuted and mistreated in such a manner?”

During our recent visit on 24 April 2021, we made a declaration that we shall cast our teary eyes to the heavens for answers, for ours is a listening God.

We remain resolute as bonafide UAAC members that civil society, Dzanani SAPS and some chapter 9 institutions can fail us, wittingly or not, but the Almighty God lives and he will hear our prayers for Justice for the poor widow who stood by her husband during his reign of 40 years. She remains the mother to all UAAC members as per the Judgement delivered at Thohoyandou High Court on 11 June 2020.

In 2009, the late Archbishop Dr EMM Mureri was granted a Protection Order against the same serial tormentors. After his death, the poor widow had already made two Protection orders , i.e. in October 2019 and April 2021, all these against similar people.

Please God, hear her prayers. She still has not had time to mourn her husband.