Our first General Conference in 3 years was so successful (12 – 18 September 2022). Having been arranged in 2 weeks, it defied all odds and put us on the correct path towards total restoration.

Archbishpp IJ Mureri ‘ s leadership is unmatched. From Wednesday the 14th when he opened it until Sunday the 18th September 2022 when he closed it, he preached 4 things that remain the cornerstones of our doctrine; Peace, Love Forgiveness & Unity. Not once did he flinch on spreading this gospel. Consistently, he stressed that the past belongs there (in history), we are forging ahead spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, replete with unconditional LOVE for one another.

To the most hard-working Chairperson and his NEC, Rev NS Nelufhangani, we say, keep it up. The UAAC is administratively in good hands.

To our members from Zimbabwe & Botswana, you saw for yourself, the UAAC lives and is your home. As the Archbishop pledged, he will be visiting you soon.

To the UAAC Media Team led by Ramalisa Productions, no amount of words can sufficiently express our gratitude. You ensured that UAAC members who could not make it to the Conference joined in through your Live feeds. Only the Almighty will indeed bless you in his own way.

To each and every member of the UAAC who participated and contributed to the success of the 2022 General Conference in whatever way, not being mentioned here does not relegate your duties, all your efforts were noted and were much appreciated.

United we shall always stand, for divided we fall.

God bless the UAAC.