Educational Development

Through the Youth Ministry, the church establishment a Youth Development Program that aims to enhance the social, educational and spiritual development of young members.

Seminars are held at district, Provincial and National Youth Conferences to tackle challenges faced by the Youth.

In addition, an annual Career expo is held at the Church Head Quarters in May each year where local communities and church members doing Grade 10-12 are invited to interact with Student recruitment agents from various institutions of Higher and Further learning.

Lastly, the Archbishop established a Student Financial Aid Scheme in September 2009. The Scheme renders financial assistances to all needy members of the church enrolled for tertiary education. Each Provincial Youth Committee has a Youth Development Director who coordinates all the activities relating to this program.


The late Archbishop Dr Mureri ‘s love for sport was delineated in 2014 when he encouraged all young people, males and females, to form church based teams of various sporting codes and compete amongst each other as district or Provinces. He personally attended soccer games that were mainly held at the Head Quarters during Easter and Festive holidays. Provincial Youth Chairpersons are in charge of the Sport Program and are expected to encourage youngsters to participate.


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