The UAAC branch at Univen was officially launched on 26 April 2013 by the late Archbishop Dr EMM Mureri. The branch was established a year earlier by Univen students who did not allow tertiary education to slough them off from their most treasured place of worship, the UAAC. For the first time ever, a drum and shakers riveted along the university corridors every Sunday as they praised and worshipped the Lord in true UAAC style.

Since then, the branch has grown in leaps and bounds. It has also attracted many non-UAAC members who affiliate to other Apostolic and Zionist denominations.

What has always been pleasing to the UAAC leadership has been the phenomenal achievements of students worshiping under its magnificent banner. Successive branch chairpersons have always ensured that when graduation time comes, UAAC leadership is invited to come and wittiness the enormous feat of the congregants.

For the first time since the formation of the branch 10 years ago, the church ‘Spiritual Leader, Archbishop IJ Mureri, will grace the occasion with his presence. He will be flanked by his Bishops, NEC members and the Youth leaders.

The glittering ceremony will start at 10h30 and conclude 3 hours later as the Archbishop celebrates with graduates.

The Youth Department implores all alumnus with graduation regalia to don it for the day as we accompany our Archbishop to this auspicious gathering of all time.