“Haaa ngoho-ngoho zwo iteaeaaa, ngoho zwo itea…, ….”, Archbishop IJ Mureri ‘s Beitbridge blue and white wave erupted in song as African Christian Council International (ACCI) President, His Eminence Dr Johannes Ndanga, called upon their lovely Archbishop to bestow an avalanche of accolades in honour of his leadership.


The glittering ceremony was held at Beitbridge branch of the UAAC in Zimbabwe on 09 April 2022. It was led by Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe leadership and UAAC Bishops such as Bishop Dube, Bishop Machaya, Bishop Lukumbo, Bishop Mujhambi, Bishop Mtshena, and Bishop Muzila. Councillors were represented by Cllr Mathalise from Beitbridge and Councillor Nemulalate from Gauteng. Head of the Women ‘s League in Zimbabwe, Inspector Ndende was joined by Jev Maluleke and Inspector Maudu. Mr Victor Chakanyuka from Harare represented the Youth, whilst Head of Protocol, Chief Gideon Magoro rallied his troops ensure the Archbishop ‘s welfare was taken care of.

Amidst a riveting Mutulagole played by Prophet NJ Mudau, honking horns, ululations and deafening praises, President Ndanga honoured Archbishop IJ Mureri with the following accolades:

1. Official Order of Merit – in honor of UAAC Founder, Bishop Matsea Paulos Mureri, Archbishop ‘s Great Grandfather.
2. International Grand Achievement Award in recognition of Archbishop ‘s great work as leader
3. Freedom of Zimbabwe which permits the Archbishop free movement anywhere in Zimbabwe without hindrance
4. Archbishop ‘s License – empowers the Archbishop to practice in Zimbabwe
5. Registration Certificate – empowers the United African Apostolic Church and its Leader, Archbishop IJ Mureri, to practice in Zimbabwe at all times.

It is also worth mentioning that 4 of these were also granted to his father, Archbishop DR EMM Mureri. Hence, he traversed the breadth and length of Zimbabwe, winning souls and converting thousands to follow Jesus as personal savior.

The Archbishop is also allowed to farm in Zimbabwe, a great honor indeed.

The UAAC family pays homage to the Government of Zimbabwe and the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe for these symbolic gestures that effectively grant Archbishop IJ Mureri and his church permission to practice in Zimbabwe.


A special word of gratitude to Dr Ndanga, President of ACCI, for spearheading the whole process.


We pledge to work with all concerned in both ACCI and ACCZ.


God bless the UAAC.

Peace unto all!!