Dear UAAC members!!

I wish to congratulate the Matric Class of 2021 for their achievement. Despite all odds ushered in by the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, they toiled hard and achieved better results in comparison to their predecessors.

I say to them, “you have just attained a key to unlock most doors in both the educational and labour sectors”. However, I categorically clarify that I hope you will prioritise furthering your studies at tertiary institution of your choice.

I also doff my hat off for the parents, SGBs and Educators for a wonderful achievement. Your immense contribution and support for learners is conspicuous and therefore is highly appreciated.

For UAAC learners, I know you are all well equipped with knowledge on where and what to study. Our online annual Career Expo held in May 2021 certainly offered all you need and for this I thank the Youth Development Department. Now, go out there and turn the world into an oyster of your feet and have the sky as your only limit.

Please also remember that most public Universities and Colleges do not require registration fee if you applied for NSFAS. All this information was shared during the Career Expo. This means that none of you will stay at home for lack of funds, unless under exceptional circumstances. However, in the event that you did not apply, haven’t got enough information or the results dictate otherwise, please touch base with your Directors of Youth Development or district youth chairperson.

I also wish to implore learners to cast their net wider and also consider enrolling at FETs. They offer practical skills that our country ‘s economy currently needs. The knowledge and skill gleaned from FETs is also good for entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

In the same vein, I also wish to exhort all learners who did not make it nor achieved their aspirations, not to despair. Please just dust yourself off and press on. Difficult as it is, re-enrol, press on and never look back. It is not the end of the world, your turn will come and even with better results. The same GOD we prayed yesterday lives today and forever.

I conclude by imploring all parents whose children did not achieved desired results to encourage them to work harder and be there in their hour of need. Where possible, let’s enrol them for extra classes and continue supporting them.

Without education, our children ‘s future is doomed, so is our lovely country.

May GOD bless us all!!