The 2021 annual Zimbabwe International Conference lived to expectations as throngs of UAAC members braced the scotching heat and converged at Mlelezi on 5-7 November 2021. Adherence to Covid-19 protocols was the order of the day throughout the services that took place during the day.
The historical significance of Mlelezi is better narrated by decades-long inscription of the name “Chibinge” on top of the holy mountain adjacent to huge compound that houses the church and the family of the 3rd UAAC Bishop in Zimbabwe, Bishop S Chibinge.
The huge, beautiful courtyard accommodated church members from all over Zimbabwe who yearned for a glimpse of their Spiritual Father, Archbishop IJ Mureri.
Singing traditional UAAC songs, a legion of energetic men and women ululated and blew kudu horns as they welcomed their most loved leader at 16h30 on 6 November 2021. He was flanked by Ambassador Dube, Brigadier Gora, Bishop Rumhasa, Bishop Rukumbo, Bishop Dube, Bishop Manyangeni, Bishop Phanye, Bishop Machaya, Superintendent Maparara and many other leaders in Zimbabwe.
“Our Archbishop is a man of peace and his presence here reminds us of his lovely Father whose death remains a thorn in our hearts. We are however grateful that the UAAC Angel has appointed the new Archbishop whose demeanor and love for people is identical to that of his father. Indeed our tears have been wiped from our feces. We are looking forward to the restoration of the dignity of our church”, UAAC members in Zimbabwe unilaterally said.
Archbishop IJ Mureri wasted no time as he appointed 4 Bishops to take charge of four regions:
1. Beitbridge – Bishop Mzhambi
2. Maranda – Bishop Ngwenya (Mtshena)
3. Victoria Falls – Bishop Simon Dube Jr
4. Binga – Bishop Nyathi
Tears flow on Sunday 7 November 2021 as the widow of the late Bishop Chibinge who is now well in her 100s took to the stage, trying to show her gratitude for the arrival of the church’s Spiritual leader. Though she could only lift one foot, it was the joy in her face which performed her gratitude.
In a relatively short speech, the Archbishop encouraged love and unity amongst UAAC members. He vowed to return soon after the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in both countries with even a sizable number of UAAC members from South Africa and Botswana.
God bless the UAAC.