Dear UAAC members!

After a relatively quiet year due to Covid-19 restrictions, Archbishop IJ Mureri ushers in the new UAAC Calendar year with a visit to Ha-Muila village, Kwaaidraai, on 03 October 2021 @10am.

The visit follows relentless coaxing by both church members and local traditional leaders who unequivocally vouched for UAAC to be their permanent worship home.

The occasion snugly corresponds with universal seasonal change as it happens on the first Sunday of October, the month of “regeneration” or “rebirth” (Tshimedzi)

The event will undoubtedly be held under strict adherence to Covid-19 regulations as we subscribe to governing authorities. NO MASK, NO ENTRY.

What a way to start the new calendar year with our lovely Archbishop!

We will be live on all our social media platforms.

Rugare Maunited.