“Vha do gonya naa ila thavha, bua Lentswe, tana moya wo saseka, khuluma moya, kwenzenjani…… khuluma moya…….”, UAAC faithful will sing as they spend a third consecutive week in their Holy Palace on Sunday 9 May 2021 starting at 08h00.

“It always feels good to worship at the Holy Palace, there is an aura of God ‘s presence in all corners and even if you do not feel healthy before entry, once you get inside you get better and recover even without receiving any prayers”, said an elderly Jevrou Mudau from Nzhelele as she shared her experience of a place she called her home of worship for more than 70 years.

Judging from the two previous weeks, the convergence of UAAC members in their Holy Palace ignites even more yearning to return.

Once again, they will come in numbers with districts in constant contact with the leadership to ensure that the service attendants do not exceed the 500 stipulated by government. It is heartbreaking to note that district leadership always have to cut huge numbers and some have even decided to develop rosters of who will attend in a particular week to ensure compliance with Covid-19 regulations.

Of great importance is that the UAAC  leadership never compromises on adherence to health protocols to protect the health of church members and society at large. They always ensure that wearing of masks, sanitising, temperature reading and registration of all congregants are mandatory upon entry.

NO MASK NO ENTRY is an unwritten rule that all members abide by as they are not even allowed to board any headquarter-bound vehicle.

The UAAC members remain resolute that nothing will stop them from worshiping the lord in their own palace. “Our Fathers built the temple in the early 70s and as the membership kept growing, we built a huge open plan structure in 2013 in an effort to accommodate everyone”, said a group middle aged men as they departed for Gauteng on 2 May 2021 after the service.

The Holy Palace truly belongs to all church members and they take pride in knowing that they contributed to how it looks like currently.

Come one, come all. It will really be lit on Sunday 9 May 2021.