Approximately 450 members converged at the church Headquarters on Sunday 2 May 2021 to spend a day with their lovely Archbishop IJ Mureri. The lesser number was in adherence to Covid restrictions that prohibit gatherings of more than 500 people. Registers, saniters and thermal scanners were mandatory upon entrance.

They came from Gauteng, Waterberg, Bochum, Mpumalanga, and all the Vhembe District Municipality areas.

First off the mark were the youth from Gauteng who were already at the church palace by 6am to set a stage for the arrival of elders from 8h30.

The highly jubilant crowd, many of whom had not been in the headquarters the previous week,  cheered in disbelief as they saw their Archbishop in a familiar regalia that reminded them of their departed spiritual leader, Archbishop Dr EMM Mureri.

Generally, the service proceeded in accordance with expectations and members were able to handle a few challenges that were experienced during the service.

Many members expressed disbelief as they attended their last service in the headquarters on 30 December 2018. They sang praise and worship songs in gratitude to the new dawn under the late Archbishop ‘son. Singing traditional and chorus songs, the super-charged youth  kept all attendants on the edge of their seats. Program Director, Inspector Maudu, had her hands full as the deafening honking horns and ear-piercing riveting drums characterized the atmosphere in preparation for the Archbishop address. However, the disciplined young lions always obeyed the director ‘s instructions and took their seats.

The introduction of the Archbishop by Reverend Emmanuel Ramudzuli was greeted with ululations as the nostalgic church members anticipated the dance moves of their spiritual leader clad in his father ‘s blue, white and gold robes. “Like Father like Son”, they unanimously declared when he took over the podium.

Both young and old did not want to miss a second of his address and dance moves afterwards. “U nga dovha wa ri mini”, he said as he began his address, igniting a response from church members, “a huna”. “We should not fear anything, for greater is he who is in us. What you are witnessing now is not a mistake. We are not going backward, but moving forward because we must obey God rather than men”, he said to much applause from the appreciative crowd.

As he provided the much needed hope amongst congregants, the Archbishop quoted from the book of 2 Chronicles 20:15 which reads, “…be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s“. The statement ignited nods and ululations of approval as all church members agreed that every challenge that is before the church should be put in God ‘s hands.

He reiterated that the holy palace belongs to the congregants because when the church founder, Bishop Matsea Paulos Mureri, put on the light, magnitude identified with the place and as such people should feel free to enter the holy palace at any stage. He also read a scripture in the book of Philipians 1:2 to indicate that his thoughts and prayers are always with all church members.

He concluded by wishing all members safe traveling as they departed to various destinations.

It was indeed a great day for all UAAC members a they spent a day with their spiritual leader for the second consecutive in the holy palace.

Peace unto all.