Peace be unto all!

Muelekanyi Archbishop IJ Mureri expresses well wishes for all Grade 12 learners as they start their final year examinations tomorrow.  He indicated that the future is vested in their hands and with a matric certificate, all doors easily open.

Reiterating what he said during his annual message on 27 September 2020, the Archbishop implored all learners to prioritize their studies for a better future. He indicated that the UAAC has over the years shared well-researched study tips on its website and Official Facebook Page in order to empower all learners to follow fruitful study methods, especially at these crucial times.

The Archbishop went on to encourage Pastors and branch leadership to continue praying for all learners to prevent spiritual and other forms of attacks and disturbances during the exam period.

He also expressed gratitude to the the Department of Basic Education for all the preparations and arrangements at the time when the world is faced with an atrocious pandemic.

Archbishop Mureri concluded by encouraging all the people to continue adhering to health protocols and guidelines to contain the spread of Covid-19, especially in view of the second wave that has engulfed Europe at this time.

United we should always stand as the human race, because divided we all perish.

God bless us all.