Archbishop IJ Mureri leads the UAAC in condemning the scourge of Gender Based violence in South Africa. As a church, we are appalled by the daily incidents of Gender based violence, particularly targeted at Women and young girls.

The UAAC believes in empowering Women as evidenced by our establishment of the Women’s League in 1987 to safeguard the well-being of all female members of our church. Since then, the church has witnessed appointment of successive Women leadership at all levels of our church.

It is for this reason that we condemn, in the strongest terms, any form of violence directed at Women in the country. We also call on all institutions (family, school, religion, civil society, etc) to teach young boys to respect young girls and the womenfolk at large from young age.

We pledge to pray for our government and relevant ministries to succeed in instituting mitigating measures against this phenomenon that is eating away the moral fabric of our society.

We are all equal before GOD and should always ensure that we protect our Mothers and Sisters.

Peace unto all.