Our series of virtual Sermons by our Leadership continues. On 26 July 2020, our most energetic, supportive and inspirational Bishop MS Hlabangwana takes the podium under the theme ” U nga hatlisi ku karhala, rengeta na kambe” / “do not give up easily, try again”.
Well known form his powerful singing of “Ntwanano Maunited” and non-stop circular dance, Bishop Hlahangwana ignites endurance and disapproves despair as he implores everyone to look up to the Almighty during trying times. He stresses that giving up hope is never an option for any Christian as we have the power from above to spurn us on even when all seems lost.
The multilingual sermon will start at 13h00.
Join us for a not to be missed afternoon of inspiration. Check the attached poster for further details.