Our Ref: L1004/05/2020

Date: 30 May 2020

All UAAC members    




Peace unto all.

Our correspondence on 27 May 2020 (Ref no: L003/05/20 – Resumption of church and related services) has reference. This was issued in response to the Government ‘s announcement on 26 May 2020 to reopen places of worship under strict restrictions in Level 3. In our correspondence, we requested all UAAC members to await further consultation and an executive decision before implementation.

As we all know, the UAAC subjects itself to governing authorities. We also appreciate our Government ‘s reasoning behind allowing places of worship to open under Level 3.

As the leadership, we also understand the distress our members are experiencing due non-attendance of church services. However, after a thorough engagement within the Office of the Archbishop, NEC and departments on Saturday 30 May 2020, Archbishop IJ Mureri directed that all our places of worship should remain closed for the time being. The decision was arrived at taking into cognizance the applicability of lockdown regulations in our church. Among others, the following issues remain areas of concern:

  • Majority of our members are senior citizens (60+years of age) who are identified by   the World Health Organisation as high risk category for infection;
  • Many branches’ Sunday services’ attendance is above the 50 parishioners’ threshold;
  • Some branches utilise Government property which will not be available due to continuous decontamination processes and uncertainty for continual usage of same;
  • By its nature, UAAC worshiping involves singing and dancing. Coupled with the required two-meter distancing and with masks on, both these are untenable;
  • And that it will be practically impossible for our church members to satisfy some of the re-opening preconditions such as decontamination, screening, sanitisation, etc.


We will continuously assess national developments and keep all members informed. We encourage all members to continue abiding by all regulations and health guidelines.

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact UAAC National Spokesperson, Rev Mbulaheni Nenzhelele, on 082225828.

Issued by the National Executive Committee