Archbishop IJ Mureri is certainly turning over a new leaf in the UAAC. Any first glimpse of his presence is greeted with zealous ululations and whistling, a clear sign that the UAAC faithful yearned for leadership after the passing of their most revered leader, Archbishop Dr EMM Mureri.

“Ari todi munwe muthuuu, a ri todi munwe muthuuu, ri toda IJ fhedzi (We need no one else, but IJ)”, throngs of UAAC women sang as they expressed affinity to their newly appointed spiritual father. The song composed by Jev Boloka from Bochum District became an instant hit as the hall erupted in deafening singing with young women leaving their sits to join their mothers on the dance floor. They persistently pointed at the VIP section where Archbishop IJ Mureri was seated with other dignitaries at the packed Wembley Indoor Sports Complex in Johannesburg.

The 2020 National Women Conference will certainly go down the historical archives as one of the turning points in the church history. Church members travelled from all the provinces in large numbers to participate in the conference which marked Archbishop IJ Mureri‘s first national conference since assuming leadership in January 2020.

In a prepared speech, characterised by hands of applause of appreciation by church members, the Archbishop expressed appreciation for the role that women are playing in church. He recognised the role that UAAC Women played after the death of his father in December 2018, indicating that their conduct was iconic and worth following by the young women. He also thanked his Aunt (Vho-makhadzi) for carrying the church on her shoulders during the mourning period. A special mention for his own mother marked the conclusion of his words of gratitude, mainly appreciating her for supporting her husband and the church at large over the years.

The Archbishop also encouraged older women to be exemplary so that young women could easily follow in their footsteps. He mentioned that a praying women need not want as her family remains stable all the time.

Men in attendance were invited to join the Archbishop in defending women as he made a pledge that the UAAC has no space for women abusers and that young boys should be taught to respect women from an early age to combat the scourge of women abuse engulfing our country.

He concluded by encouraging his followers to take steps to curb the spread of corona virus and also to pray for government and health officials to find the correct cure for the virus sooner.

Flanked by Bishops Muzila and Hlabangwana, the Archbishop also took to the dance floor after delivering the most inspirational speech. He led the Bishops in an unmatched circular dance. Reminiscent of his Father, he sang his favourite songs such as Tana Moya and Lerato la Jesu.

The City of Joburg Speaker, Cllr Nonceba Molwele, delivered a keynote address on Saturday afternoon which mainly centred on women and developmental issues affecting women in general. In a typical UAAC hospitality fashion, she was presented with a gift, a Venda traditional outfit (minwenda), in a traditional basket (mufaro).

Bishop Muzila opened the conference officially on Saturday evening. All church structures such as the Youth Brigade, NEC and Women Committee were given opportunities to express words of support. They all exhorted UAAC Women to remain in unity and indicated that they are supportive of the church‘s new leader.

The conference certainly left a huge mark, especially in view of huge gatherings being prohibited by the government on the day of its conclusion.

Peace be unto all.