Peace unto all of you.

Let me start by thanking you all for coming in large numbers to attend your Conference. As much as we say this is Bishop Muzila ‘s Conference, it is yours because alone I cannot host it and make it the success it is.

Let me thank the leadership of various structures within this Province who always work so well with me. I receive enormous support from the Youth, the Women, Districts, the Councillors and all the UAAC members in this Province. Whilst I cannot mention all, I have to mention though that Councillors led by Councillor Nemulalate and Councillor Musetha, the Women led by Jevrou Mbatsane and Chief Inspector Ramalamula, the Youth led by David Mudau and Ndivhuho Ramutsheli, have shown me tremendous support all the time and I am forever grateful.

I also do not forget my Friend Bishop Maleho and all the people from Free State, North West  and Mpumalanga for all the support.  I say May the Almighty richly bless you.

Ma-Bishop Muzila, thank you very much for everything and all the support.

Ma-United, it will be remiss of me, as a leader, not to acknowledge and appreciate the situation we are growing through as a church. Painful as it is, let us defend and protect the legacy our Spiritual Father with the honour and dignity it deserves. He was a man of love and peace. We owe him that much, in ensuring that his spirit lives on through emulating all his teachings. However, again, how we protect his legacy is very important. We must not do things like non-Christians who criticize and fight one another in public. It only pleases the devil when we stoop to such low levels.

Please join me in declaring that no matter how dark it may look, the sun will once again rise and we shall enjoy being members of this beautiful church and set it on course for greater success. Let us also support all the efforts that the leadership comprising of Bishops and the NEC are making to normalise the situation. Let us wait for informed and official instructions and notifications for gatherings or meetings from these structures. God is with us and will never forsake nor abandon us.

To the Youth I say, whilst it may sound like preaching to the converted, the advent of Social media brought about endless opportunities for us all to communicate freely and seamlessly. The advantages of social media far outweigh the disadvantages. As the leadership, we sanctioned some of the social media platforms such as twitter and facebook to bear our name and brand and we use them to communicate our plans and events. However, how we utilise them is very important. I want to implore all of you, to use social media responsibly. Let me repeat, misusing social media only disadvantages us as the church. Why don’t we use them to promote our own church? Why must we, as Christians, use social media to destroy each other like those who do not believe. Please, let us refrain from doing this and use these platforms to portray a better image of our church and what it intends to achieve.

To the Students who are sitting for final exams, we exhort you to study hard as we did during the Exam prayer Day last week at the University of Johannesburg. Please study hard and make us all proud. This church had already produced top achievers who are now studying at premier institutions of higher and further learning. We have witnessed members of this church receiving top accolades from the National Department of Education and I know the upcoming exams will produce even more best achievers. We will continue praying for you.  Religiously, please follow the study tips that you received last week and you will succeed.

Let us meet again on 04-05 January 2019 as we do the official uncladding / purification ceremony at our headquarters. Do not be anxious, we will go there and perform our function in peace and harmony, for it is not our function, but the Almighty God ‘s directive that it should be done.

As I conclude, I wish to reiterate what we have always said. Unity has sustained nations and all institutions on planet earth.  We appreciate all the efforts that all departments, from the Youth, Women, Councillors, District Committees and branch leaders are making to keep our beautiful church together. Let us remain united at this very crucial times in our church.

United we shall always remain, because divided we fall.

May the Almighty bless this church.

Let unity reign.

Be blessed.