The fourth UAAC led branch at institutions of Higher and Further learning was officially launched by Bishop MB Muzila on 4 August 2019 at the University of Johannesburg ‘s Doornfontein campus. The glittering ceremony was attended by both the church elders and youth. Gauteng Councillors Chairperson (Cllr Nemulalate), Councillors Coordinator (Cllr Musetha), Gauteng Women Leader (Jev Mbatsane), Archbishop ‘s PA Rev Madula, Youth leader Ramutsheli and members of the Gauteng Women and Youth Committees witnessed the event. There were also many students from the Vaal University and Sefako Makgatho Branches who came to support their counterparts.

It was conspicuous from the first song just after midday that the sun has once again shone brightly on the UAAC as the young lions roared non-stop whilst awaiting the arrival of their elders to perform the duty of the day. Program directors had a torrid time trying to stop each song and dance as Archbishop Dr EMM Mureri‘s Blue and White wave swept through UJ‘s lecture Hall 106, Lwazi Building. The riveting Mutulagole drum, with Ntsieni Tshakafa on the helm, echoed through the corridors and adjacent lecture Halls attracting other students who could not help but altered their path to pass by Lwazi Building to witness what was happening. Singing both traditional UAAC and choral songs, the huge UAAC legion registered its presence with deafening praise and worshiping as the Holy Spirit took control of proceedings whilst the dance floor was replete with new dancing moves blended with swinging sticks.

Under theme “You have to endure the dessert before reaching the Promised Land”, Miss Khahurendwe Tshikororo and Mr Rendani Rerani delivered the most moving and powerful sermons. They both reiterated the importance of not giving up whilst placing each situation in GOD ‘s hands for a permanent solution. Elders applauded in awe and appreciation as the two youngsters quote scripture after scripture, unpacking the event theme. Most young people could be observed taking notes as they sat attentively listening to their most anointed ilk.

The climax of the event came when Bishop Muzila asked Ma-Bishop Muzila, Church elders and UJ Students to join him in the podium to cut the ribbon as he officially launched and blessed the UAAC Branch at one of Africa ‘s Premier Universities. Honking horns, whistles and ululations characterized the occasion when the highly jubilant youth appreciated a job well done by Bishop Muzila who never ceases to amaze even those close to him.

Bishop Muzila concluded by conducting the first ever ordainment of a female as Pastor as he asked the young Mashudu Rambau, better known as Mufunzi by admirers, to the fore and blessed her whilst the congregation nodded and applauded in appreciation as she is well known for her good organisational skills and ministering the Word of GOD. It also transpired that Mashudu was launching her new book entitled “The Living Word, When God Speaks” the previous day (03 August 2019) with her brother Richard Rambau, a well-known motivational Speaker. Mashudu has since childhood impressed church elders with her love for the church and had been the Bible Reader for the Archbishop when he visited Tshitale District a decade ago when she was much younger. Her ordainment fulfilled the prophetic word of Archbishop Dr EMM Mureri who declared in 2008 when she was still at Primary School that he would design a special dress for her due to her impressive track record at church. A Go-getter of note, she had a pedigree of winning accolades and played leadership roles both at church and school. The UAAC wishes her well as she performs her duties officially henceforth.

Words of support were delivered by Youth Leader, Councillor Nemulalate, Jev Mbatsane and Rev Madula. The four paid homage to the UAAC Students for arranging such an important function which guarantees the future of the church. They indicated that they felt proud to be part of the function and expressed confidence in the branch leadership to continue with the work that the late Archbishop Mureri began on 26 April 2013 at the University of Venda which culminated in official launch of Medunsa and Vaal branches in April 2017 and 11 February 2018 respectively.

Branch founding members and leaders, Lindelani Mulea and Ndivhuwo Tshinestise, thanked everyone for their support and requested that UAAC members visit them in future as the door is open for everyone. They also implored the elders for financial assistance as some students were on the verge of dropping out due to financial constraints.

The UAAC Angels could have been smiling broadly as the congregation consistently took to the dance floor for a sanitised version of the Tshikona dance, singing the church ‘s anthem “Ri ya haya Jerusalema”. They even forgot that they had to take public transport back home as sunset approached, but continued enjoying themselves.

The establishment of the launch certainly laid a prudent foundation for future generations of UAAC members who will study at the university.

Peace unto all!!