The 2019 Gauteng Women Conference proceeded seamlessly as over 1500 church members packed the Chiawelo Community Centre Hall to the rafters on 11 – 12 May 2019. They were joined by their Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga counterparts. Bishops Muzila and Hlabangwana as well as members of the National Executive Committee graced the conference with their presence as per the church protocols. Limpopo and Gauteng Youth Chairpersons led a legion of young lions to the conference to support their mothers.

The Conference was held under the theme “But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength”. Several sermons led by Senior Inspector Tshisikhawe, Jevrou Maluleka, Chief Inspector Ramalamula and the elderly within the Women’s League were delivered from Saturday afternoon, 04 May 2019. They quoted from the book of Isaiah 40:31 and encouraged UAAC Women not to despair as the Lord is constantly watching over them.

Program Directors, Mrs Mabadzhabadzha and Mrs Maphaha, had their hands full as attendants were consistently on the edge of their seats jostling to be first on the dance floor. The recently composed nostalgic song, “Ro humbula Vho-Miriri (We yearn for Archbishop Dr EMM Mureri)”, was once again the Conference song as UAAC Women danced the evening away on 04 May 2019.

As the Conference reached climax, one could have been forgiven for assuming it was a Youth Conference as young ladies occupied the floor for extended periods. With new dance moves; to the left, right, back and forward, the super charged duracells blended their moves with hands clapping amidst riveting acoustic and Mutulagole drums.

Honking horns, ululations and whistling characterized the arrival of Bishops Hlabangwana and Muzila in the evening to officially open the Conference. The two leaders once again displayed unprecedented levels of unity as the Gauteng Bishop Muzila passed on the baton to his Limpopo energetic counterpart, Bishop Hlabangwana, who did not disappoint. He read several scriptures meant to spur the UAAC Women leadership to lead with vision and not forgetting that GOD is watching over them. He indicated that Women must never feel insecure and be threatened by the presence of Men as they were the ones who went to the Jesus’ tomb when most men were in hiding. “Remain strong for the sake of the Kingdom of GOD. The Women have already shown temerity and unmatched courage during the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, for they were the first to discover that he has risen from the dead. As the leadership, we will continue supporting you at all times”, he said in his closing remarks. Singing Twanano and Lenstwe, Bishop Hlabangwana had the women eating from the palm of his hand as he imitated their departed Holy Father with exactitude of a professional dramatist, much to the glee and appreciation of all.

The exuberance of the previous night was doubled on Sunday morning (5 May 2019) as the Women attended their final service. They engaged in chain and circular dances singing “Do not be anxious, things will be fine”. Though it was meant to be a mourning song, the UAAC women snugly blended it with their theme for a historic rhythmic compilation of 2019.

As the Sunday service is mainly meant for words of support and speeches, both the Women and Youth Leadership mainly focused their addresses on their constituency with Provincial Youth Chairpersons, Merss Mudau and Mathoma, encouraging the youth to continue supporting their mothers as that is where they attain the wisdom to lead in future. The Women Leadership of Jevrou Mbatsane and Jevrou Maluleke encouraged the Women to remain in unity at all times.

NEC members also added their lot with unity and strength being the dominant words. They indicated that the Women are the real pillars of the church and must always strive to build unity at all church levels.

The Conference concluded in high spirits as Bishop Muzila expressed satisfaction with its proceedings and blessed the congregants for safe journeys home.

Peace be unto all!!