Polokwane Executive Mayor, Cllr Thembi Nkadimeng, pledged to offer Municipality bursaries to five UAAC learners. The pledge was made during the 2019 Limpopo Provincial Youth Conference held on 27-28 April 2019 at Masedibu High School in Seshego, Zone 2.

Flanked by National Parliament member, Hon Rosina Semenya and Member of the Limpopo Provincial Legislator, Ms Miriam Ramadwa, the Executive Mayor indicated that they took heed of the invite to the conference in order to reiterate the view espoused by RSA Father of the nation and first democratic President, Nelson Mandela, who indicated that any country wishing to succeed in any form needs to invest in its youth.

Imploring the youth to emerge victorious under any circumstances, the Mayor indicated that the Youth must develop an attitude similar to that of an eagle which makes sure that once it sets its eyes on a target, it pushes all boundaries to reach it. “After 30 years of life, an Eagle renews its strength, vision and courage and when it needs something, it pushes away all challenges along the way and makes sure that it gets it, she said.

She also indicated that the theme of the conference (Do not fear the storm, Jesus is there) is well thought out because it endeavors to solve societal problems.

Furthermore, the Mayor contended that Christians must always strive to lead exemplary lives. Thus, being a true Christian means that when there are protests marches, a real Christian will neither burn nor destroy property.

She concluded by indicating that the youth must know that life has insurmountable challenges. “However, the beginning of wisdom is in fearing GOD, Almighty”, she concluded.