The 2019 Limpopo Provincial Youth Conference held at Masedibu High School in Seshego, Zone 2, lived to expectations as throngs of UAAC faithful packed the school hall to its rafters on 27-28 April 2019. Supported by their counterparts from Gauteng and Mpumalanga Provinces, the young lions roared non-stop, bellowing inspirational songs such as ”We are Ready for Jerusalem” and “Vha hone Murena, ni songo vhilahela (Do not be anxious, GOD is there)”. Bishops Muzila and Hlabangwana also graced the occasion with their presence, whilst Polokwane Executive Mayor, Cllr Thembi Nkadimeng, delivered a keynote address on Sunday, 28 April 2019.

The 2 hours delay that was caused by the late arrival of some districts from the far North as well as teething logistical challenges could not dampen the spirit of Archbishop Dr EMM Mureri ‘s kids as they sang and danced the afternoon away during their opening service until 17:00.

A seminar led by well known Motivational Speaker, Mr Richard Rambau, who just made history by launching three books on one day, provided the most needed inspiration among a legion of young people. Under the theme of “Personal Development”, Mr Rambau exhorted the youth adopt a winning mentality, starting from within themselves. “Instead of focusing on someone else ‘s failures or success, rather invest the time in developing yourself”, he said. He also added that people must harness their entrepreneurial skills if they really need to succeed in the contemporary world.

The afternoon service was concluded with a Choir Competition which ensued in Univen Choir clinching top spot, trailed by the host, Capricorn District and Vhaapostola Choir winning bronze, i.e, 3rd position. They all won trophies and medals and inscribed their names on UAAC ‘s best choirs of all time. The competition was sponsored by Rev Azwihangiwisi Netshilindi and Rev Alfred Mukona.

On Saturday evening, after the arrival of all delegates from various districts and Provinces, Bishop Hlabangwana opened the Conference officially, flanked by his Gauteng counterpart, Bishop Muzila. Dubbed the “Youth Bishop” by the UAAC Youth due to his affirmation that he will travel with them wherever they go, the ever-energetic Bishop did not disappoint as he set the tone for the whole evening with his unique singing and dancing, mainly emulating the Archbishop Dr EM Mureri as he is fully aware of how much the youth miss him. He indicated that it is important for the youth to remember their creator when still young and unpacked the theme, explaining storms that that steal peace from many hearts.

It became a night of Secretaries as Limpopo Youth Secretary, Mr Tsireledzo Netshifhefhe and UAAC General Secretary, Rev Emmanual Ramudzuli, delivered the evening Word of GOD. They both unpacked the Conference theme, giving detailed accounts of various storms that engulf our lives as Christians. Reading from the book of Mark 4:39, the preachers reiterated that Christians tend to be afraid of storms and succumb despite their knowledge and belief that Jesus Christs is there for them.

The evening was concluded by Special Prayer Service led by Prophet John Mudau who began his session by singing “Nne ndo nanga yeneyi ya thambo na Madi (I have chosen the UAAC)” to delineate his affinity to our departed father. Many souls were won on the night as GOD spoke through the Prophet, healling the sick and delivering hundreds of people, some of whom woke up from exhaustion and returned to the hall to receive prayers.

On the final day of the conference, 28 April 2019, Government representatives, led by Polokwane Executive Mayor, Cllr Thembi Nkadimeng, graced the conference with their presence. Other dignitaries included Ms Rosina Semenya from National Parliament and Ms Miriam Ramadwa, member of the Limpopo Provincial Legislature.

Youth Chairpersons, Merrs David Mudau from Gauteng and Mutakalo Mathoma from Limpopo, expressed satisfaction with attendance. They both lamented the youth ‘s misuse of social media as an area of concern. They indicated that only the responsible use of social media will restore the image of the church and also assist in marketing the church. They concluded by thanking the youth for the consistent support.

Inspector Maudu represented that National Women ‘s League, Cllr Nemulalate represented the UAAC Councillors and Chairperson Rev Nelufhangani represented the UAAC NEC. They all expressed appreciation to the youth for a well organized Conference and mentioned that it is only through such conferences that the spirit of our departed Father will remain alive.

The Limpopo Executive Mayor, Cllr Thembi Nkadimeng, delivered a keynote address. She began by indicating that as Government, they have positively replied to the invite to reiterate the call that former RSA President, Nelson Mandela, made that if you want to develop a country, you must invest in your youth. Reflecting of the conference theme, the Mayor indicated that there are various storms in people ‘s lives such as high rate of unemployment, crime, alcoholism and abuse of both women and children. She indicated that the theme of the conference is well thought our because it endeavors to solve societal problems. She implored the youth to learn from an eagle which, after 30 years of life, renew its strength, vision and courage. “When an eagle needs to get something, it pushes away all challenges along the way and makes sure that it gets it, she said. The Executive Mayor also pledged Municipal bursaries to 5 UAAC Students intending to enroll at tertiary institutions in the coming academic year.

The Conference was closed by Bishop Hlabangwane with a prayer. He was preceded by Bishop Muzila who reiterated the call of the youth Leadership for an appropriate usage of social media to market the church. Both Bishop Muzila and Hlabangwana expressed satisfaction with attendance and paid homage to government representatives, vowing to pray for the a peaceful election on 8 May 2019.

The conference certainly left an indelible mark in the minds of many.

Peace be unto all!!