The united African Apostolic conducts different services that are aimed at reviving and motivating its members. In this regard, conferences play a major role spreading the gospel and reaching out to different communities. The UAAC conducts several conferences to this end.

There are three major conferences that are held annually, i.e. General, Women and Youth conferences. The Arch-Bishop attends all of them.

Districts, regions and Provinces also arrange conferences, but the Arch-Bishop only attends if not committed to other functions.

General Conference

This is the biggest gathering of all and is held in the 3rd week of September in the Church head quarters. It is a week-long event that attracts all UAAC members across the globe. Members travel from as far as Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi and Botswana to attend the annual gathering. It is in this event where the Arch-Bishop delivers his annual message to all church members.

Women Conference

The second conference is the National Women Conference that is held in the 2nd week of March. This is arguably the second biggest gathering of the UAAC as other church members also participate in the conference. It is normally a three day event, i.e. Friday to Sunday. It does not have a standing venue as it rotates between Provinces. The conference is mandatorily conducted under a specific theme that addresses women related issues; social and spiritual.

National Youth Conference

The last standing conference is the National Youth Conference that is held in the last week of June for three days. Like the Women Conference, it does not have a specific venue as it rotates between Provinces. It is also strictly conducted with a specific theme that addresses Youth challenges.

The conference program often makes provisions for career guidance and motivational sessions that are conducted by experts. There are also seminars that address youth challenges such peer pressure, HIV-Aids, alcohol, etc.

District conferences

As prescribed in the scriptures, Deuteronomy 16:16-17, each UAAC district is expected to conduct three conferences per annum. The conference is led by a district Councilor who co-opts elders to prepare a Holy Communion.  The venue of the conference is set by a district committee in consultation with the district councilor. Each district members is expected to participate in the conference.

Regional and Provincial or inter-district conferences

In addition to the above, regional conferences are held in Zimbabwe and certain RSA other areas. These are led by the Bishops (19 in Zimbabwe & 6 in RSA) in the particular region and are held for 2 or 3 days, i.e. Friday to Sunday or from.

Provincial conferences are also arranged and members attend in large numbers. For instance, Free Sate holds its conference in the first week of November each year in Bloemfontein.

Women and Youth committees in different provinces also arrange provincial conferences that are predominantly attended by affiliates in a particular province. However, members from other provinces also participate and depending on availability, the Arch-Bishop can grace the occasions with his presence. In Gauteng, such conferences start on Saturday afternoon and end on Sunday mid-day whilst in Limpopo, they are a held over three days, i.e. Fridays to Sundays. Like in the case of the National conferences, a theme is usually set in these conferences in order to guide proceedings.